Linda R

I never considered professional coaching before but was so impressed with the testing, feedback and delivery of Wayne’s services.  He is truly a gifted coach and communicator and was able to unpack my positive attributes and highlight obstacles that were hindering me from “being” my best self.  It’s been a work in progress since our session but I have some great tools and knowledge to work with.  Not long after my first meeting with Wayne, I interviewed and was offered the job I had always wanted as a Community RN, fast-tracking my own timeline in half.  It was pretty remarkable and I absolutely love my work.  Thank you Wayne!

Lou R

Wayne is an inspirational coach who has guided me through a structured learning process tailored to my requirements. He has helped me realise further potential within my business and also taught me some valuable techniques to gain more successful outcomes in business and also personally. Wayne has a kind and sincere approach but also was able to deliver the hard questions needed to make me start thinking outside the box. I would have no hesitating in recommending Wayne to any potential candidates

Darren C

Wayne is an amazing coach who has transformed my life through delivering the amazing program from Integrity and Values. His compassion and belief of the results has rewarded me with achievements far greater than I could have accomplished alone

Paul C

Wayne and I have been working together for some time now, we connect weekly to assist me to work through my blocks, find my truth and pursue my purpose in life. I treasure our conversations and look forward to our weekly session, I highly recommend Wayne for his coaching skills, kind manner and insight into self improvement. 

John M

Wayne's professionalism and sincerity really come through in his coaching approach. I would recommend him without hesitation.

Amy K

I met Wayne about 6 months prior to commencing coaching. I kept putting it off as I felt I was too busy and it was just all too hard. Finally committing to coaching is without a doubt the best decision I have made. Nothing changes without making a change.

Andra C

Wayne's coaching style and demeanor were completely designed to put you at ease and provide an atmosphere that was conducive to productive discussion that led to the desired outcomes. He provided great feedback and set up realistic and achievable goals. I would gladly recommend Wayne to others who would be looking for mentoring/coaching.